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July 11, 2010


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Commissions on figures are CLOSED!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 11, 2010, 3:00 PM

[EDIT: 05/2014] Commissions Closed Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx
Sorry to everyone if I disappeared and if I'm no more publishing deviations nor replying notes nor commenting nor.. anything. I'm in a quite difficult moment and I had to stop or slow almost everything. 

Don't worry, I'm going nuts but I'm fine. I moved in a new town to study for the second level degree that is really interesting but it's HARD, (because I came from a different university and because I had to learn to live by myself). Anyhow we stay at university for labs and lessons almost all day, every day end we have a lot of exams… Ordinary university life! XD

I thought I was able to take some commissions this spring but we had some exams and a lot of labs during lessons too. Next year I'm going to start internship so I will be all day in lab as well. Maybe I will be able to work during weekend  but I can't tell, so for now I have no idea when commissions will be open again.
About the Poro keychains: I hope I'll manage to make some in August but I can't guarantee I'll manage to! >_< 
I just can tell my intention is to open them back because I like that work a lot and I miss it but I also think these years are crucial to build my future so I had to put  study first.

When I'll open commissions again I'll write here on this journal and I'll do my best to contact back the people who wrote me to ask if they're still interested (but I can't guarantee I won't miss single a message). :( (Sad) For now I have problems even to reply emails so, sorry in advance if you're not going to receive a proper reply!  I really don't like doing like that because it sound rude not replying to messages but I really can't do anything anything else, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding. T^T

[EDIT]: There still are some items up for sale on my Etsy shop: take a look before they're sold out!

:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple:

Here you can find informations about the commissions I take on polymer clay items: general price ranges, payment methods and policies. Please read them before you ask me, anyhow, if you have questions or doubts feel free ton send me an note or a email:

Informations about commissions:

:bulletpurple:What is a commission?
When an artist takes commission you can pay him/her to make a drawing, a sculpture, a plushie, an avatar or any other sort of artwork he/she offers to make. The subject of this artwork is chosen by you. In my case, commissions are open on any clay item (sculptures, keychains and more). Once I made the item, I'll ship it to you.

:bulletpurple:Are commissions open right now?
No. (read above)

:bulletpurple:What items do you make on commission? What are their prices?
Here you can find general price ranges but keep in mind if I don't see an image it the character I can't tell you an exact price. Price depends on character complexity (how detailed it the outfit, the hairstyle etch).
The items I make most are:
- Keychains and phonecharms of character in chibi style. Those are approximately 4-5 cm (1.5 -2 inches) tall but sizes may vary depending on the character.
Prices usually go from 15 to 30 euros. Prices for very simple non human or anthropomorphic characters usually are lower.
- Small chibi standing figurines, same size (approximately 4-5 cm tall) and price of keychains.
- Chibi standing figures aproximately  7-8 cm (around 3 inches) tall. Just as reference, they are a bit bigger that a Nendoroid Petit.
For more details about each item scroll down to "items" section.
You can request also something different, if you have other ideas I'll appreciate that. Send me a message describing what you have in your mind and I'll tell you if I can make it.

:bulletpurple:How can I know the exact price of an item?
To know price for a figurine send me a note or an email (to including:
- A picture of the character in the outfit you'd like or the link to a picture of the character. It must be a full body colored image of the character. I also need a back view of the character. Don't send me a bust view of the character in shade or other incomplete images. If you really can't find any full body image of that character you can send me multiple images.
- The size you want the figure to be: 4-5 cm (keychain, phonecharm or small standing figure) or 7-8 cm sized standing figure.
If you don't include those two informations I won't be able to tell you any price.
Please don't ask me prices for many characters at a time but only on the ones you're really interested in. If you ask me prices for 10 characters I'm not going to give you all.
Prices are given in euros, you can  know how much that is in your currency using a currency converter.
Keep in mind that due to changes in currency conversions, cost of materials and other reasons, if you ask me a price now, you don't confirm me the commission and then you come back after some months the price could be changed.

:bulletpurple:How much is shipping price?
Shipping price is not included in figurine price. To know shipping price tell me what country are you from. Shipping can be tracked or not, for single keychains I offer you both options though I'm not responsible for any package loss. Bigger figures or multiple keychains are shipped using tracking number.

:bulletpurple:Do you ship to my Country?
Yes, I ship worldwide.

:bulletpurple:I sent you a note/an email, when are you going to reply?
This depends and can vary from an hour to some days. If you don't receive a reply in a day please be patient and wait. I'm only one person to make figures and reply to emails (and study and do all other everyday life things) so, in the free time I have, I frequently have to  choose between replying emails or working on commissions. I frequently reply to all emails in the same day and I frequently reply during weekends. It also might happen I miss your message (because it was sent to junk or for other problems) so if I don't reply in a week feel free to send me another message. Anyhow sending me multiple messages via email, deviantart and Etsy if you don't receive an answer in two days won't help to get a quicker reply. Thank you for understanding.

:bulletpurple:How do I pay you?
I only accept Paypal payments (PostePay too if you're in Italy). If you don't have and you're not planning to get any Paypal you can't commission me as you have no way to send me payment.
At the end of the year, when I need a new subscription I may accept point commissions if you really have no other way to pay.
You send me half of the item price (not counting shipping) as commission confirmation payment, to show your interest in the project and to be put in my commissions list and the other half after I completed the figure and showed you a picture of it. Please read carefully my payment policies before sending me commission confirmation payment, you find them both in the next box of this journal then in my Etsy shop. Don't commission me if you don't agree with the policies.

:bulletpurple:Do you have any feedback? Can l buy the commissioned item on an online shop?
Yes I have some feedback as a seller on my Etsy shop even if most people prefer buying their items directly. Etsy is the most known website for selling handmade. If you want to commission me through Etsy you can register and request a custom item. Payment policies are the same. When the item is ready I'll put it for sale (with the second part of the payment as price) as a reserved listing for you.

:bulletpurple:I saw a figure in your galleries I like, can I buy it?
Unless there's "for sale" written in the description, you can't. The works you see in my gallery are made on commission, sold, gifts and the other ones are mine.
You can ask but I usually am no more making copies of things I already made. You can request the same character in a different size or outfit, though. Use your fantasy! Don't requests me things I already made just to be sure of what you're going to get as my items are completely handmade so  everyone is unique and different from the other ones!

:bulletpurple:How long will take to make my commission?
I can make your figurine in a week or some months depending on how many commissions I have to make before yours, on my university exams, and on the complexity of the figurine you requested me. Once you contacted me I'll tell you an estimated time, anyhow there could be delays or anticipations of which you'll be informed.

:bulletpurple:I need a figurine for a particular occasion (a birthday, Christmas, a wedding...) will you be able to make that in time?
Please let me know the date you'll need it for and I'll tell you. To be sure please contact me 2 months before that date. Keep in mind shipping to some countries can take 20 days, much more if the item is shipped after the first week of December.

:bulletpurple:Can I order more than one figurine?
Sure, so you save on shipping price. Anyhow I don't accept big orders (like 10 keychains) also because making all is going to take too much time. If you want 10 keychains you should make 3 (or 2) orders.

:bulletpurple:Can I you make keychains so that I can re-sell them in my shop or online shop?
Ask me but keep in mind I'm not an industry and I can make a limited quantity of items and a really limited number of copies of the same item. Also I my prices are not competitive as industrial items ones and are not very suitable to earn on.

Payment Policies
:bulletpurple:You send me half of the item's price (not counting shipping) as commission confirmation payment, and the other half after I completed the figure and showed you a picture of it. The first part of the payment is not refundable in any case unless it happens I can't make the figure for some reason. This means that if you change your mind or if you don't like the figure I won't refund you and I can resell your figurine. Sorry but I don't want to work for free. There are also enough examples in my DeviantArt gallery to decide if you like my style or not. Handmade items are not perfect, if you have doubts about possible imperfections you can go to my gallery pictures and clicking "download" you can see a supersized view of the figurine.
:bulletpurple: I don't make copies of already made things but if I decide to make an exception don't think you're going to receive an item that is the same as the one you saw. Each handmade item is unique.
:bulletpurple: The second part of the payment must be paid within 3 months I completed the figure, if the second part wasn't send in this time I can re sell you figure keeping the first part of the payment.
:bulletpurple: I will ship to your paypal address, please check if it's updated before sending me payment. If the paypal address is wrong and I get back you package you'll have to pay shipping price again to receive your figure.
:bulletpurple: If you don't agree with this policies don't confirm me the commission.;If you have doubts or questions ask me before confirming the commission.

Samples of clay items:
League of Legends - Veigar by Nko-ennekappaoAvatar - Chibi Zuko figure by Nko-ennekappaoChibi Nko fimo figurine by Nko-ennekappaoClannad - Chibi Nagisa and Dangos keychain by Nko-ennekappaoFullBottled Alchemist by Nko-ennekappaoFimo Dragons by Nko-ennekappaoChibi Wedding Cake Topper 2 by Nko-ennekappaoDeath Note - Chibi L Keychain by Nko-ennekappaoChibi Butterfly Fairies by Nko-ennekappaoGlowing Chibi phone charm by Nko-ennekappao Mini Ponyo by Nko-ennekappaoFlowerpot earrings and charms by Nko-ennekappaoFimo Sci-fi Doll Armor by Nko-ennekappao

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